Barcelona from above

Barcelona has a very special meaning to me. I had initially neither intention to go there nor interest in the city. One of my close friends was about to come back to her hometown at that time and wanted me to join her in travelling to Barca. And I went without doing any research about the city. But what Barca has to offer was incredible and memorable.  After 6 months experiencing the winter in Frankfurt with heavy rains, snows and mostly dry weather, I was struck by the bright and warm sunshine of Barca. Following are places that I have visited and I really enjoyed the time spent at each of these sights.

  • Placa d’Espanya: walking from here up to the magic fountain and you would be impressed by the view over Barca.


This photo was taken on the top of the Shopping Centre Arenas de Barcelona.
  • Port Vell: this is my favorite place in Barca. I enjoyed strolling along the Rambla de Mar and sitting in front of Maremagnum to feel the smell of the sea.
The bridge can rotate!
Boat tour
  • Barceloneta Beach: gorgeous and busy beach. It’s a pity that I did not swim there. At the time seeing the color of the beach I just want to jump into it but the 10-Celcius-degree temprature at that time had scared me in doing so.


Me and my friends at Barceloneta Beach
  • La Rambla: bustling walking street with full of shops, cafes and restaurants. We walked all the way from the Mirador de Colom to the Place de Catalunya.
La Rambla
Placa de Catalunya
  • Ciutadella Park & Arc de Triomf: located just 1.5km from Placa de Catalunya
Barca’s streets
inside Ciutadella Park
  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia: iconic sight of Barcelona. I did not went in but the architecture from outside was stunning with great attention to details


  • Montjuic Castle: offering paranomic view over the city


  • Gothic Quarter: a must-go destination in Barca. I explored the quarter without map and was totally impressed by the architecture as well as the small beautiful alleys.


Food must try: tacos, paella and sea food!!


P/s: big thanks to Linh, our “tour guide”, I did have a great time in Barcelona.

#spring #March #2016


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