If you get bored with the modern architecture when visiting Hamburg, you can take a train to Bremen and within an hour you will reach this hectic city filled with spectacular historical galleries and museums.

  • Schnoorviertel (Schnoor District):  a must-visit place when in Bremen

Schnoor is not huge but it is filled with historical atmosphere. Narrow cobbleston alleyways with plenty of half-timbered houses, (handmade) shops and restaurants are the striking attraction of Schoor. I did not expect much when visiting this place as it seems in pictures similar to other old towns in Germany, but what Schnoor has to offer was delightful and relaxing.

  • St. Peter’s Cathedral (St. Petri Dom), the City Hall and Marktplatz: all in one place!

Heading to the City Square and you will reach all the famous attractions located next to each other making you hard to choose what to visit first. The Cathedral is impressive outside and inside, it really worth visiting when in Bremen.

St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Mühle am Wall

I did not know about this place before accidentally saw it when I was sitting on a tram heading to the main train station. The old Dutch style windmill had fully captivated my interest at the time I saw it. Surrounding the windmill was a small park with colorful flowers offering you a great place for walking.

Mühle am Wall

I only had a short daytrip to Bremen but it did make a strong impression on me. If you want to get to know local German people and historical buidings, then Bremen is a perfect destination for your trip.

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