During my one-year stay in Germany I visited Berlin three times. The first time was to explore the capital city. The second time was to introduce the city to my friend and the third time was just a short visit while I travelled to another place. All in all I still not get bored with the city. Especially some of the famous Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin made me miss this place a lot. Eventhough I spent almost a week to explore the city during my visits, I wished I had more time to be here. Berlin has so many attractions, making me hard to restrain myself from seeing them.

  • Reichstag Building: I did not know that we have to book a tour in advance in order to go inside the building, otherwise a long queue awaited us. So I did not get a chance to enter the building, but the architecture outside was stunning enough for paying a visit to here.


Walkingstreet next to the building
  • Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus: just a few minutes walking from the Reichstag Building you will arrive at this impressive design. Located on the bank of the Spree River, the building offers its visitors a relaxing place to enjoy the river and the bridges.


  • Berlin Wall: a must-go in Berlin. The Wall is still well preserved and wearing lots of meaningful paintings on it.
My friend at the Berlin Wall
  • Brandenburg Gate: a remarkable monument of German history during the Cold War


  • The Holocaust Memorial: make sure you walk into it and be amazed by the architecture


  • Museum Island: as its name suggest, this place is home to various beautiful museums and also the Berliner Dom


  • Alexanderplatz: a big square with market, malls, restaurants and stores. Come here to have some nice coffees and enjoy the bustle of Berlin


  • Die Hackeschen Höfe: when you come here you will realize this is definitely a popular area in Berlin, both for locals and tourists. Houses are surrounding the courtyards and many souvenir shops as well as restaurants stuck beautifully in these small walking alleyways.


  • Charlottenburg: the Charlottenburg Palace and Park offer a great walk around
Inside the Park
  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station): maybe this is the biggest and most beautiful train station I have ever been in my life. I even felt like I was in an airport when I stepped into the station.



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