Located in the Taunus region, Bad Homburg von der Höhe is a part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area. Bad Homburg von der Höhe is its original name, meaning Bad Homburg in front of the height. The town has long been famous for the spa industry, which profited from the presence of several casinos.

I took a day trip to Bad Homburg with the attention to visit the Schlossturm in the old town after seeing its picture on the internet. Indeed, the town did not disappoint me.

  • Castle Park: you can explore this place by yourself without a tour guide, as it was easy to go and not so big. I spent most of my time in the park and around the Castle Tower (Schlossturm). You can also pay a visit to the Church of the Redeemer located inside the area.
The Park
  • Saalburg Roman Castle (fee applied): impressive museum that rebuilt a Roman fort. It represented perfectly some of the tools the Roman used.
Main Entrance



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