I visited Venice on a weekend in June. I stayed there for only 2 and a half day and I had to regret about that. I would have stayed there for at least one week to discover all the beauty this charming city has to offer. From those small walking lanes around the center, the water buses wandering around the Grand Canal, the delicious chocolate-ice cream to the serene but safe atmosphere during midnight, all made me eager to come back to this city once again. What I had experienced in Venice was like a dream to me. I did not know how many times I was stunned by the beauty of this place. May be that is the reason why people called Venice “the dreaming land”.

I started my first day in Venice by visitting the most famous islands nearby: the Murano, Burano and Lido islands. Each of those have its own impressive features. You can easily reach these islands with the vaporetto (public water buses).

  • Murano Island: has a long tradition of glass-making. There were many locals shop which sold the beautifully crafted souvenirs.


  • Burano Island: is known for its colorful fishermen’s houses. When arriving at the island, after heading down a narrow lane with full of souvenir shops, you will reach mentioned beautiful houses.


  • Lido Island: there was not much to see here but instead you can have a swim along the beach of this island. Besides the ice-cream here was really tasty and cheap. After you get out of the vaporetto station you would see several shops selling ice-cream. They were similar in quality and prices, so do not hesitate to try! This island was also a perfect spot for catching the sunset.
On a vaporetto
  • Piazza San Marco: a huge square surrounded by stunning buildings such as the Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the San Marco Campanile (the tower). You must really visit this place during daytime and at night to capture full of its beauty.
the Doge’s Palace
us in front of the Saint Mark’s Basilica
  • San Marco Campanile: the bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica. It would give you the 360 degree view of Venice which can leaves you speechless.


  • San Giorgio Maggiore: another island of Venice, featuring a Palladian church as an important landmark.


View from San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Discovering the streets of Venice: someone said it is beautiful to get lost in Venice. Not until I came to explore the small lanes of Venice did I realize it is true. Along with the great food and coffee shops, you can find yourself chilling on the small bridges connecting the lanes and seeing the Gondolas.
on Venice’s street
  • The Bridge of Sighs: its was named for the sighs of prisoners when crossing the bridge.


  • The Grand Canal: I would never get bored strolling along this canal






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