Located in the northern region of France, Colmar has been famous for its well-preserved old town. The cobblestone streets lined with the half-timbered houses, the canals, the floral decoration and famous wine made Colmar a tourist hotspot of the Alsace region. I only stayed in Colmar for a half day but completely fell in love with the tranquility of this small town. The old town was easy to discover by foot. I started walking from the train station to the old town and vice-versa, which only took me up to 2 hours.

  • La Petite Venise (Little Venice): featuring line of traditional houses on both sides of the river. The river can also be explored by boat.


us in Colmar
  • Streets of Colmar: spend your time to visit not only the houses but also a wide variety of shops and bouquets in Colmar.


  • La Krutenau restaurant: trying wine in Colmar is a must. This restaurant offered different types of wine together with the local cake Tartes flambees. It also had a nice outdoor sitting right next to the river.


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