Strasbourg is the capital city of the Alsace region in France and also the official seat of the European Parliament. I took the TGV train from Colmar and it took only 15 minutes to arrive in Strasbourg. Cost was approx. 10 Euro for each person (the ticket can be booked online).

TGV train (high speed train in France)

I was then surprised by the large train station in Strasbourg (Gare de Strasbourg) as well as its stunning structure. The station’s facade is a perfect mix between old and new architecture.

Accomodation: Accomodations in Strasbourg were easily sold out during peak season, leaving only the high priced properties. We luckily found the Montempo Apparthotel Strasbourg Gare, which was 10-minute walking away from the main train station. Price for 1 night was about 40 Euro/room/2 persons. The room was clean and convenient, with enough kitchen amenities for self cooking.

  • Barrage Vauban & Petite France: We decided to have a walk to Barrage Vauban at approx. 9pm as it was near to our hotel. Streets were still bustling at that time with several restaurants and coffee shops opening. There were some dark sections on the street but overall it was safe. We stood on the Ponts Couverts to enjoy the majestic night view of the Barrage Vauban.
Barrage Vauban
Petite France



  • Strasbourg Cathedral: a Roman Catholic cathedral. You can climb up to the top to enjoy the view over Strasbourg



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